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EVERY Early Childhood Educator needs to LOVE what they do!

The joy, motivation and passion for being an educator will shine through in EVERYTHING you do, your programming is a key part of being an educator it is time it flows and becomes a whole lot easier for YOU!!

Hi... I'm Kath Hausler and I have been an Early childhood educator for almost 23 years, let me share with you

  • HOW I program
  • WHY I still love being an educator
  • AND YES I use the EYLF every day with ease and flow...

YOU will love it too!!!

Included with this training

Here is exactly what you will receive =>> Join us for 1 hour and you will know how you need to program to grow in confidence and keep your motivation ALL year!

  • What focussed Programming looks like! 
  • How to Program so you will stay motivated and consistent with the children through out the year? 
  • Create Programming that will carefully, developmentally appropriately support, nurture and move your children forward! 

Bonus Programming Booklet

Print off or keep digital this is your bonus to refer back to and use through out the year 

1 hour training with replay

We all know you don't want to spend your evenings sitting through trainings but this 1 hour training will be on point with NO fluff!!


Personal Development Certificate

Print for your records or use towards your training hours as needed


Here is where you need to start your year

A super offer for all early childhood educators to step into the year confident and certain that you have a plan that will work for you! Claim your Programming and EYLF training here...


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 Online Training 

Bonus Programming Booklet 

Personal Development Certificate

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